Windows 8 Problems: Windows 8 Store Won’t Open [Fixes]


If you have issues in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 with your Windows Store, the most annoying one being the fact that it doesn’t open, then you need to read the following to find some working fixes and solutions

With the release of its latest operating system, Microsoft also released an app store, in order to better compete with companies that already put out well established online establishments of the sorts. Many users have been eagerly awaiting the Windows 8 app store, but the result is far from what we are accustomed with the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Microsoft’s baby turns out to be sloppy and not carefully crafted and comes packing a whole bunch of unwelcome issues. One issue that some have been talking about recently is that the Windows Store can’t even open.

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Windows 8 app store won’t open or apps won’t load

This problem has been reported on countless of support forums by annoyed users asking for help. Basically there are two versions of the problem – the Windows 8 logo won’t load at all and clicking on it will result in it just loading in vain. The other variation of the problem refers to users clicking on any store app and seeing the logo shifting to the top left corner, but subsequently nothing happens.

One user on the Lenovo support forums sums up the problem:

I am not able to open the Win 8 store. it just sits there with the loading sign spinning and spinning. is there any known fix?

On another forum, another user explains he has tried to employ the help of the Microsoft support team. Even if they were apparently slow to give him feedback, he eventually was instructed to try a few fixes. One involved running “wsreset.exe” in order to clear the store cache, but the user found that it resulted in giving an error “ms-windows-store: PurgeCaches/ This app failed to launch because of an issue with its license. Please try again in a moment.

The other fixes provided by the tech team aren’t particularly helpful either, or so some users conclude:

So, that’s basically everything I have tried so far to fix this issue to no avail.

Some other fixes you might want to try


So what is there to do in order to fix the problem where the Windows Store won’t open?  Here are some suggested some fixes you should try in order to resolve the issue:

  • Add a new user: create another user to try and make the Windows Store work. For this, you will need to press Windows+W keys and search for “Users”. When you have opened the Users panel, click on “Choose Users” and then “Add Users”. Add the details to your new user and then login and try opening the Windows 8 Store.
  • Refresh Windows 8: as you might know, this option will delete all your settings and revert Windows 8 to its defaults, without deleting your files. To do so, press Windows+W keys and search “Refresh” and when you find the option, choose “Get Started” and follow the wizard. Keep in mind to read the instructions of the App Store fix.

Note: Using the Refresh option will require you to have a Windows 8 recovery DVD or memory stick

  • Switch Local Account – Press Windows+W keys and search “Users” and in the Users Panel, choose the “Switch to a Local Account” option and follow the instructions. After you have successfully made the transition to the local account, try to access the Windows 8 Store.

For some users, these simple fixes will be enough and they will no longer have problems with the Windows Store. However, some might still experience issues, and if nothing works, then you might want to consider re-installing Windows 8 or upgrading to Windows 8.1. We will continue to dig out possible solutions to this annoying problem that segregates users from the app world.

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  • family texas

    really sad microsoft only has -reinstall or refresh loose everything, or re create a user as a fix.. This is not acceptable. Other OS options you can ‘fix’ this is not a fix it is a re do and hope for better.

    • win81 user

      You’re totally right! I always saw so-called “solutions” provided by Microsoft like refresh, or reinstall the whole OS, which is actually nothing more than dodging problems, not solving them. People do refresh/reinstall and turn into same problems again and again. It’s the quality of Microsoft we’re quite familiar with though..

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  • mijoh

    A suggestion in this article is to upgrade to Windows 8.1. DUH? That’s why I’m here in the first place. WINDOWS 8.1 MUST BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE STORE AND YOU CAN’T GET TO THE STORE. Why can’t they just give us a link to download Win 8.1 and be done with it. I have been to a zillion sites and have not found any real solution to this issue other than wipe your computer and start over.

  • Dennis Brown

    I did upgrade to Windows 8.1 and still have the problem with the Windows Store.

  • RockyRambone

    I did the “add a new user.” After creating the new user, the Microsoft Store will open with the new user account but still won’t open under the old user account. So are we supposed to use the new user account and just forget about the old user account? And then every time this happens going forward, always just create a new user and forget about the old user account? Good grief.

    • flybyKnight41

      I did this and it worked, but anything you download on the new account is not available to use under the old account. This is the stupidest fix yet for this issue.

  • Tiago

    Thank You!!

  • Andrew Branson

    I found a fix that worked for me finally. Windows update wouldn’t load for me, so I opened task manager and ended the windows update service. I was then able to run a windows update, which fixed the store. ENJOY!

    • Danker Schaareman

      I disabled the windows update service. After that my PC wouldn’t start at all so I used the repair tool/ restore point.

  • Danker Schaareman

    I do have Win 8.1., and the store won’t open. IE doesn’t work and only displays “cannot display the page”. I reset and refreshed several times – loosing all installed programs, reinstalling them, hoping for the better. But nothing, nothing at all changed. I tried all suggested “solutions” from all forums, but nothing, nothing at all helps. It’s a waste of time.

  • Danker Schaareman

    Further: I chatted to a Nicrosoft support team member: she “found out” that it must be a LAN vs WiFi problem. I am on WiFi, don’t use a cable, So I connected with a cable. Nothing, nothing at all changed.

  • jeff

    tried the new account, didn’t work. im running 8.1, tried every trick on the net, no dice. i paid a lot for those apps, want Microsoft to give my money back, wont be buying anything from the store again