Internet Checkers Windows 8, 10: Where to Get it?

windows 8 internet checkers

Play the Checkers game in Windows 8 with apps and by bringing back Internet Checkers
checkers windows 8
Pretty much like Outlook Express, Microsoft has decided not to support Internet Checkers in Windows 8. We’ve also talked about the disappearance of Windows Live Messenger in Windows 8. Windows 8 is the first operating system from Microsoft to support touchscreen, so playing checkers can become a real fun activity. However, sadly, Microsoft has decided not to support Internet Checkers inside Windows 8 or Windows RT, so we are being left with quite a few options to get it back.

What you need to understand is that Internet Checkers is GONE from Windows 8 by default and will never return, most likely. It’s pretty hard to imagine that Windows 8.1 will bring it back, but who knows.

The single solution that we here, at Wind8apps have found, to play Internet Checkers in Windows 8 exactly as it was in Windows 7 is to download it from the BetaArchive forum, but we can’t guarantee that it will work for sure. You’ll just have to deal with the fact that it no longer works and try the following alternatives.
windows 8 internet checkers

Personally, I can guarantee you these are some awesome checkers apps and you won’t regret a single minute having tried them. However, we will be working on a post to cover even more similar apps, so stay tuned.

Checkers alternatives to Internet Checkers in Windows 8

Thanks to the Windows Store that is constantly populated with more and more apps, we can find a lot of good apps, only if we search good enough. We did this for you and compiled a list with some of the best checker apps so you won’t be nostalgic for Internet Checkers. Here they are:

windows 8 internet checkers

If you’re into puzzle and mind games, then most likely you’ll also enjoy our collection of chess apps for Windows 8. We hope that you’ll find the checkers apps for Windows 8 good enough and that you’ll be able to get over the lack of support for Internet Checkers. It might sound stupid for some, but I know how can one get “attached” to something, even if we’re talking about a game here.




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  • SJC

    Windows 8 does not give you Internet Checkers or Microsoft Word. I think it all stinks compared to Windows 7. Windows 8.1 does not hold Windows 7 a candle.

  • SJC

    I paid more for this computer with Windows 8.1 than I ever dreamed I would pay for a computer and did not realize it did not compare to Windows 7 with the games and Office software. Live and learn.