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Fix: iTunes SyncServer.dll is Missing

If you accidentally deleted SyncServer.dll from your computer you’ll probably get RegSvr32 error every time you turn on your computer. Restoring this dll file will solve your problem, and we’ll

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Should Cortana be Age-Restricted?

Microsoft introduced Cortana to its users as a part of Windows Phone 8.1 last year, and everyone was thrilled with it and the way it works. But Cortana isn’t available

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Fix: Windows 10 Build Freezes on Login

The latest build for Windows 10 Technical Preview is out, and besides some new great features and improvements, it also brings some more problems and headaches for its users. This

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Fix: No Ringtone Sound on Lumia 635

Lumia 635 is one of a few devices that support the earliest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. But the new operating system brings more problems and bugs,